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Back in the Music City

Happy Monday everyone!

I drove back to Nashville yesterday. A long 12 hour drive on my own. But it wasn’t too terrible.

Breakfast: Driving up I-59, I discovered that East Texas small towns love their little donut shacks, complete with drive-thru’s of course. I stopped at “Billy’s Donuts” in Livingstone, around 9am. Billy’s sells Shipley’s donuts, some of our favorites! I had a big cinnamon twist and a medium cup of coffee. I discovered on the drive to Houston a week ago that I needed some morning caffeine being on the road that early. So, did this cup of coffee do the trick? Well, it burned my tongue pretty bad (sorry Kathy and Elena, I still can’t figure out the straw in coffee thing) but once I let it cool down, it was good. Oh, and I got sugar all over my clothes and car from the cinnamon twist. But a good breakfast :)

Entertainment: No exciting stops during this trip. I have found that borrowing audiobooks from your local library is a great way to pass the time. This trip I listened to Jeanne Ray’s “Eat Cake” … of course, anything with a title like that will appeal to me! I also liked the fact that it was the author who read/recorded the book. I feel like that way you get a more authentic feel for the characters and such. Although I do have to say, Jeanne Ray’s voice wasn’t the most exciting. Oh well….

Exciting News from Matrix: Yes, this is a category in itself. My car would like to share a few fun facts from his journey:

  • I filled up with gas in Hope, Arkansas – the home of the world’s largest watermelon and the birthplace of Bill Clinton!
  • After putting in a clean engine air filter (the first time we’ve done this in 48,000 miles) I got record-high gas mileage on the drive back. Averaging 36 miles to the gallon!! Beat that you big dumb SUVs!! Even with a full car and dirty engine filter, we were still getting 32-33mpg, but really – 36?! wow :)

Moral of the story – keep your tires properly inflated and a change out your engine air filter regularly!


On to new, non-driving topics.

It is quite hard to believe that in less than 48 hours I am taking the RD exam. I basically did little to none studying while at home, and was probably more prepared to take this thing 10 days ago than I am now. Uh oh. haha. I promise I will get some studying done this afternoon (although it’s hard with my mile high to-do list), and definitely all day tomorrow. I’m meeting another intern/graduate/RD2B at Starbucks tomorrow for a study session, so that should get me back in the groove.

Oh, speaking of Starbucks- I went in today (after checking out Nashville’s lastest cupcake shop.. but that’s another post) and bought myself one of their big city mugs as a souvenir before I move away from Nashville. I’ve always admired them, I think they sell them in most cities. Anyway, it’s a nice big NASHVILLE mug, and I think it will be wonderful for my morning cup of tea… which I did have this morning, and could tell a difference without that teaspoon (or less!) of heavy cream. Oh, the life of someon who is moving in 4 days and trying to clean out their kitchen. I have so little left. The boyfriend was amazed yesterday to see that my freezer inventory seems to be completely made of bags of frozen peas now. Not sure why I have so many bags of peas, but I do. What can you do with large quantities of frozen peas?

OK, better get to some actually studying now. Yeah right… hahaha

One Response

  1. 1. Bequest BF the frozen peas. Teach him to make pea salad, rice and peas, peas prridge hot, peas prridge cold, peas porridge in the pot 9 days old.

    2. bring anything not frozen to the farm; we’ll eat it

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