In the kitchen from a young age…

I decided to use this morning to clean through some stuff in my bedroom back home. There are boxes of things from way back in my childhood that my mom was wanting to get rid of, but needed my approval first (thanks!).
I came across some pretty funny things. Old notes and letters from friends, my rubber stamp collection, souvenirs I collected from our travels, and my first recipe box.
I think the recipe box was from a school project. I had handwritten all these dividers “Appetizers” “Seafood” “Breads” etc, and yet the only ones that had recipes were the likes of “Breakfast” “Cakes” “Cookies”. I even had a “Chocolate” section! haha.
Anyway, I pulled out a few recipe cards to keep, because they are just so funny. If I had a scanner, I’d scan this one in to show you – but for now I’ll just type it in. You have to pretend it’s written in an 7 year old’s handwriting – no punctuation, no capital letters, etc.

cheese balls

bowl of grated chedder

what to do

take some cheese and then roll it into a ball. then roll the ball into some nuts. then freeze for a few hours. then eat

Sounds yum, right? I feel like there were some missing ingredients. It seems like a binder was needed to keep this “grated chedder” (definitely not cheddar) to stick. But maybe the magic of my hot little hands did the trick, who knows?

Anyway, back to cleaning and donating!


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