Thursday Morning

Good Morning Readers,

Coldplay’s concert last night was excellent, if I do say so myself. I haven’t been to the pavillion since the hurricane last year ripped it apart, and the lawn seating is much smaller now after the renovation (they added many more seats and expanded the pavillion’s canopy). Anyway, this just means that we were further from the stage than normal, but still a really good show. Storms surrounded us throughout the night, adding lightning and thunder to the already theatrical performance by Chris Martin and his band. But it was tons of fun. I do believe this was the first concert I’ve been to at the pavillion where the band actually came out onto the lawn and performed! They set up a little stage on the grass and did a MJ tribute/cover of Billie Jean (somehow my sister didn’t know this song!?). And then they gave out free CD’s at the end, mostly live recordings from other concerts. Thanks Chris!

Today is Free Iced Tea day at McAlister’s Deli, so you can guess where we’re going for lunch. I made my sister, mom, and I pancakes for breakfast, and am now showered, dressed and ready to go. I guess I should do some studying this afternoon too (boo!). Can you believe the RD exam is in less than a week?! Wow.

Which brings me to another important point (assuming I made one already): I may have to change blogs, as I will no longer be RD2B. What will I be? Well, unemployed RD I suppose. Anyway, I need to think about what will happen to this blog. Also should think about what’s happening to my life. As of July 31st, I’ll have the RD behind me, and will be leaving Nashville (lease is over, I must leave) and heading to hide out at my Mom’s childhood farm outside the Smoky Mountains, until I can find some kind of job and a place to live. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later, because the farm has little in the way of electronic communication (TV, internet…) and I may go nuts. We’ll see :)


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  1. hey, the price is right (free) except you have to grow all your own food, or go into the woods for mushrooms.

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