Cupcakes in Houston

I’m spending this week in Houston, with the family, for the Coldplay and Fray concerts that we got tickets to months ago. It’s been fun getting to visit, see our three crazy dogs, and cook for my family again. I’ve already treated them to my black bean and sweet potato enchiladas, which are always a vegetarian hit. Tonight….. pot roast. So I guess I’ll be having a leftover enchilada then?

Today has been a very fun day, starting out with Free Pastry Day at Starbucks! My sister wouldn’t get up early enough (I insisted on getting there before 8am, paranoid that they would run out of free pastries and my effort would be wasted). So my mom came with me. I enjoyed my usual London Fog with a very moist and delicoius zucchini/walnut muffin. I believe my mom had the lemon pound cake, her favorite, with her morning latte.

Later in the morning, once my sister completed her lengthy hair and face routine, we set off for Houston’s Ikea store to find furnishings for her first apartment. Until a few weeks ago, when I visited the Atlanta store on our road to South Carolina, I hadn’t been to Ikea since we moved back to the USA in 2000. It’s always a fun store to visit! Anyway, my sister was able to find a desk, bedside table, comforter and mirror, so it was a successful trip. We were a little worried about how 2 less-than-super-strong girls were going to get these boxes into my car (her desk managed to weigh over 100lbs in the box), however, he managed quite well, even if I was in a skirt and flip flops. Plus, with magic Matrix, you can fit anything in!

Next up was a visit to the very upscale outdoor shopping center in Uptown Park, which reminded us a lot of the Market Street shopping center we have here in The Woodlands. I was on the hunt for cupcakes, after learning about where to find Cupcakes in Houston. So after a trip to the University Co-Op, where Jenna found cheap Longhorns earrings, as well as a trip to Francesca’s to buy a fun seahorse necklace on sale (I have this thing with seahorses….) we found Crave Cupcakes. Not that I’m a total cupcake connoisseur, although I do have a lot of tasting experience, it wasn’t that impressive. Obviously in a very upscale shopping center, it was really nice and modern looking inside, and I loved that you could see the Hobart mixers in the back of the shop whipping up new batter. In this part of Houston, I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised by the $3.25 price tag, although it is the most expensive cupcake I have tasted to date. My sister picked out the Red Velvet, and I went with the Chocolate Expresso (why they misspelled espresso I’ll never know) and took them to go, so we could enjoy them with milk at home (I’m not spending $2 on a cup of milk, and Jenna was in the middle of one of her ocular migraines, so we needed to get home).



Anyway, the frosting was pretty good (and just enough too, not like the frosting-induced-coma you get from Gigi’s in Nashville) but the cake itself just seemed average and dry. Not at all what I had hoped for from such a fun (and expensive!) looking place. Oh well, at least I tried it. Cupcake bakeries are really gold mines. I was joking around that I should open one, and my Dad thinks I really should, because honestly… cupcakes are cheap to bake, and when you sell them for $2-3 a piece, it would be a pretty profitable business. And then my mom told me about one of her friends who just gave up her dream of opening one around here, after learning that it would cost over $200,000 to outfit the empty store with the kitchen and equipment she’d need. Wow. Or maybe she was going to use Viking equipment. haha. Anyway…. maybe down the road :)

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of cupcakes (even dietitians love them, right?), I saw that the world’s largest cupcake was just made in The Mall of American in Bloomington, MN (been there too, haha). And of course, what do you do with 150 lbs of cupcake? Feed it to the pigs of course. No, not the shoppers at the Mall of America, haha, it was donated to an actual pig farm.

Have a great day everyone!


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