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Good Morning!

I’ve pretty much become accustomed to a cup of earl grey tea now every morning. With a packet of sweetener (no, not evil Splenda) and a splash of heavy cream, it’s pretty heavenly. That and a cup of quaker oatmeal squares makes for a great breakfast while I catch up with my online life.

Went to see the latest Harry Potter movie last night. Very good. Also very sad. I guess I had forgotten what happens in the 6th book (haha), but a well-made movie nonetheless.

I just realized that this blog is going to have to undergo a big change in a few weeks. I can’t have this website be “RD2B” anymore… now that I’ve signed up to take the RD exam in less than 2 weeks!! I’m pretty excited about getting it all done with. So, if anyone has ideas of a new name, that would be grand :)

I know this blog entry is so brief and patchy, but I’ve been crazy these last few days running around. Trying to figure out how I’m going to move out by myself, where I’m going to go, etc. And hoping that someone will call me for a job one of these days! haha. OK, I’ll be back later. I’m meeting a friend now to prepare for a class we’re teaching tonight on the basics of the School Lunch program for some very proactive (and upset) community members. Wish us luck!


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