Saturday in the Music City

Good Saturday Morning everyone!

I had a fun night last night – Moe’s and Dave and Buster’s. Ended up winning in pacman and air hockey… still working on my race car driving skills. haha. But lots of fun. And I won a pack of Titans playing cards, so pretty good, right? :)

This morning was up early to hit GoodWill for their 50% off the entire store. It was so weird… maybe it’s because this month’s sale was postponed (due to 4th of July last Saturday), but it wasn’t crowded at all! I got a whole handful of summer tank tops and shirts, and some toys for the dogs, all for under $20. Can’t beat that! I tried to bring The Boy, but he decided he needed more sleep. I understand. We are a special breed who get up early to bargain hunt on Saturdays :)

My eyes are still killing me with allergies from my cool Purex complete 3-in-1 laundry sheets. I’ve washed everything with them – my clothes, my sheets, towels, etc. Oh it’s a mess. I guess I’m going to have to start re-washing everything with my old faithful – “All Free & Clear” detergent, for us freaks who can’t handle anything on our skin. haha.

Not sure what all is on the schedule for today. I need to review my infant and child nutrition, after not doing so hot on the quiz I took yesterday. And maybe I’ll pack a few more boxes of random junk I’m not going to need anytime soon. So hard to believe that in 3 weeks I’ll be out of this apartment! I wonder where I’ll be moving to? hmm.

dog toysDo you think the dogs will like their new play friends? haha We’ll find out in a week when I go home to see them!


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