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Oh the fun of allergies…

Still trying to figure out what’s bothering my eyes so much – the skin around them is really getting dark and irritated, and my left eye is pretty much continually crying. Like a leaky faucet. I have a suspicion maybe it’s my new favorite laundry sheets (the all in one Purex sheets you just throw in – no more bottles of detergent, fabric softender, etc). :( That would be sad. But I’m not surprised. I haven’t used anything scented in years. And I never use fabric softener. Now I throw all these things into my clothes and what do we get? Elizabeth the crying racoon. I’ll look great for this interview. ha.

Oh, and I just got a second call from this weight loss clinic in Naples, Florida. They must really like me. I still don’t know if I’d want to relocate to the bottom of the country. The weather would be nice. But then there are hurricanes. And no young people. And it’s a million hour drive from anywhere. Except Disney I suppose. But I probably couldn’t afford Disney. Although I haven’t asked about salary yet. Probably shouldn’t. Don’t want to get their hopes up that I’m coming. haha. I’m in such high demand, right?

OK, better get into my suit and ready for this interview. Wish me luck!


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