Chasing the International Space Station

So I got pretty excited when I saw on the news today that the International Space Station (ISS) would be passing over Nashville tonight at 8:30pm. So after dinner, I started roaming the neighborhood streets behind me, in search of the ISS. First up, figuring out which direction to look in. I found the South direction without too much difficulty, after retrieving and viewing  a “google maps” image of Nashville in my head. Next up, what does the ISS look like? A saw an airplane and thought that was it, but I think it was an airplane afterall. After that point, every plane, bird, lightning bug even, sparked my attention. But finally I think I saw it. It had a light on it, kinda like an airplane, but seemed to be moving in more of an arc than the straight line you see with airplanes. So anyway, I think I saw the ISS tonight, and that makes me happy :)

Today’s been a fairly boring day. Spent a good chunk of it studying for the RD exam. Trying to memorize lab values, RDAs for micronutrients, cofactors for aerobic metabolism… oh so much fun. And then I got a call out of the blue from a job I applied for in Florida – working for some celebrity doctor in a weight loss clinic. Sounds intriguing, yes, but I don’t think it would be for me. First of all, it’s in a town/city in south florida that I’m pretty sure is 99% retirees from the north. No fun stuff for a youngster like myself. Second of all, the weight loss “program” that the patients follow is all written by the doctor – so the dietitians don’t seem to have a lot of flexibility in what they teach/counsel/recommend. I couldn’t work a job in which I was told what to say, especially if I didn’t agree! So anyway, they’re going to call me back towards the end of the week with more questions – we’ll see what happens.

But the big news is my interview tomorrow for a job here in Nashville doing Diabetes education (outpatient). I want it so badly. Fingers crossed the interview goes well. Hopefully my extreme enthusiasm and passion for diabetes can shine and they won’t want to pass me up. hahaha. My suit pants are out being altered (the legs were too short, what do you know? haha joke) and I am picking them up tomorrow. My power suit. haha.

Not much else exciting to report. I’ll keep you updated on the job search!


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