Today’s Random Conversation

Today’s random conversation took place in my building’s elevator with the doorman. He had seen me several times today already, doing some laundry.

Doorman: “Don’t you have to work during the day?”

Me: “Actually, I just finished my program at Vanderbilt. So, right now I’m in the job-hunting phase.”

Doorman: “Oh, sorry.”

<awkward silence>

Doorman: “What are you trying to be?”

Me: “A dietitian. That’s the plan.”

Doorman: “Sorry you’re having to do this. Good luck!”

I’m assuming his apologies were for me being unemployed, not being a future dietitian. haha. Things aren’t completely bleak though – I have an interview here in Nashville next week to be an outpatient diabetes counselor (pretty much my dream job) and hopefully will have an interview up in Louisville, Kentucky, sometime in the future with a new child weight management clinic through the U. of Louisville School of Med. I would love either of them!! So, fingers crossed :)

In the mean time, I have started studying for the RD exam today. I printed a July calendar, and filled in what I plan to study each day. The hope is I can get all my studying done this month, and then take the exam by the beginning of August. I have no idea where I’lll be living August 1st, so things could be fun :). hahaha


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