Greetings from South Carolina!

Good morning from Anderson, South Carolina! I came up here on a 2 day road trip with some of my RD2B friends (no longer interns! yay). Elena has an interview with a nursing home here, and so we tagged along… mainly to enjoy our last time together before we all move apart and start work. And maybe… because we stopped at Ikea in Atlanta :) haha

I know it’s been a very very long time since I’ve last blogged. Let’s just say that in the past 2 months things have been crazy. Just to sum it up –> I successfully finished the internship and graduated 2 weeks ago, have had several interviews but no offers yet, and have actually got me a boyfriend. haha yes I know. You’ll probably be learning more about him as the blogging continues. Yes, I promise the blog will continue. Being unemployed, I definitely have some time on my hands now. Although… I realize I’m going to have to change the name of the blog – I can’t really be RD2B anymore, can I?! I’m hoping to be RD in just a month or so. Which reminds me of how much studying lies ahead of me… oh lord. I brought my hundreds of flashcards in the car yesterday and starting testing the three of us. Let’s just say we have a lot to study :)

Thanks to you, my readers, if you’re still reading. I know my mother is. haha. I’ll do my best to be a more regular blogger and fill you in on all my summer adventures. :)


2 Responses

  1. will you post pictures of your trip and BF?

  2. Sorry, don’t have any :(

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