I made it!!!

I finished!! Yay! My second half-marathon, completed. A quick recap:

  • 6:15am: arrive at Centennial Park (likely just 3/4 mile down the road from my apartment) to find thousands upon thousands of people all over the place. Checked my gear bag at UPS truck #18 and set out to find my friends. Not an easy task
  • 7am: race is starting… and guess who’s still in the line for the portapotties? 
  • 7:50something: finally cross the starting line. Worked our way through downtown, actually ran a good chunk. Loved having my name on the jersey so I could hear things like “Yeah Elizabeth!” and “Look at Elizabeth… there ain’t nothing stopping her!”. How lovely
  • Miles 1-5: having lots of fun. My 2 friends ditched me around mile 3 to go run (I still love them though). The heat was already out in full force, and I was not enjoying that part. But overall, everything was going great. My 5K time was 40mins, which is the fastest I’ve ever done it, so I was pumped. Already thinking about my next half marathon!
  • Mile 6: noticed that my face was caked in salt, and started to wonder if I was adequately replenishing it (since I refused to take salt packets). Started drinking cytomax instead of water at the stops. Took a pack of sports beans. Also noticed that my inner thighs and hips were really feeling it.
  • Mile 9: saw one of the interns on the side of the road and got psyched to have my supporters out there! Thanks Krystle! Also realized by this point that it would be possible for me to get under 3 hours if I kept my pace up!
  • Mile 10: I don’t know what it is about hitting the double digit mark, but at this point I’m thinking “I hate this. I’m hot, my hips and thighs hurt, and I want to be finished”. Not doing much running anymore – my arches hurt if I do. I kept thinking – it’s hot, I’m sweating and de-salting astronomically… maybe I should slow down a bit.  But no, I was determined to beat 3 hours. So I kept powering through.
  • Mile 11-12: Really in pain now. My left leg hurting with every step. But I kept walking as fast as I could. Of course this is when all the “Go Team!” “Come on Elizabeth!” comments from the side of the road really helped. 
  • Mile 13: Now, with only 170 yards to go (thanks to a TNT coach who walked with me towards the end), I thought I could job to the finish line. You know, make a big ta-da. I was pumped because I knew I could finish under 3 hours. So I start jogging…. well my calves said no. They started cramping (a totally new and unwelcome experience for me) which caused me to misstep, and I was afraid I was going to fall flat on my face just short of finishing. So I took it back down to a power walk and made it to the finish line at 2:59:09!!
  • Got my medal from an older man who had done TNT back in 2002 and loved it
  • Proceeded through the finisher’s area. Lots of free food and drink. I downed a bottle of water in no time. But food didn’t really appeal. I picked up the banana and pretzels… but when I saw oreos in the distance, my eyes lit up. But just one… my stomach was still trying to regain consciousness. 
  • Found my friends, who had all done amazing jobs. A few photos together, picked up my race bag from UPS Truck $18 and some PBJs from the TNT tent (thanks guys, GO TEAM!) and then hobbled over to the grass to stretch.
  • Made it home safely, thanks to a helpful roommate who came and picked us up. Prepared a 20 minute ice bath (which wasn’t as icy as it should’ve been, but my fridge’s ice maker is sad) and then showered.

So now I’m home and pooped. I don’t understand why my left leg is in such bad shape – I can’t put hardly any weight on it at all. So sad. But at least my feet are fine. Last year they were the poor victims with blisters and all sorts of issues. So now it’s on to picnic-preparation back at Centennial Park to listen to the Dave Matthews concert. I hope the smell of all those portapotties hasn’t permeated the whole area…..


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  1. what happened to RD2B? Is she still in the program ? Did she graduate? Is she studying for the exam? Does she have a job????? Unquiring minds need to know

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