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T-2 Days Until Half Marathon!

I just got back from the Expo for the Country Music Marathon, and it’s finally starting to seem real. I’m getting so excited! I didn’t realize this is the 2nd largest half-marathon in the country – wow! I can’t wait to hit the starting line (an hour after the official start… that’s what happens when 30,000 runners enter the same race) and get moving!

Carb loading this week has been especially fun. It’s basically been misused as an excuse for all my junk: Ben & Jerry’s twice (carb loading!), dairy queen last night (carb loading!) and multiple cookies found in the interns’ room today (carb loading!). hahaha. And to complete the week of carb loading, I’m hosting a pasta party at my place tomorrow night for a bunch of the interns. Should be fun. I’m making vegetable lasagna (my first experience with baby eggplants… so cute!), and the others are bringing pasta with meat sauce, gnocchi, salad, garlic bread, drinks, cupcakes and cookies. An early dinner with great friends, maybe some board games, and then an early bedtime! 

Breakfast for race day is already planned (this is the sports nutritionist in me): bagel with peanut butter and powerade. Chocolate milk will be checked in my bag, to await me when I finish the race (don’t worry about refrigeration, I buy the UHT chocolate milk tetrapaks that are aseptically packaged and are shelf stable for months without refrigeration). And of course, the ice bath will be ready for me when I get back. 8 minutes of torture is better than days of pain!

Other random notes from today:

  1. I witnessed the death of a seahorse this morning. Very sad and traumatizing.
  2. In the last few hours, laughter has caused great abdominal soreness, thanks to a 15 minute “Ab Blast” class I took yesterday taught by a woman in her 60s. To give me credit, it was bosu abs, which I’ve never done before… and may very well never do again. 
  3. The Office tonight was wonderful – finally Michael and Pam can come back to work and things will all be right again. It was making me anxious with all things messed up. Plus, if Pam lost her job, how would she pay for the wedding? She couldn’t even get a job at Wal-Mart! Oh… I hope that’s not me in a few months…
  4. Top Chef is coming to Nashville tomorrow… and us interns are pretty psyched. I’m hoping to stop by their cooking demo/show sometime tomorrow and see what’s going on. Should be fun!
  5. Lots of exciting stuff planned for the weekend ahead: half marathon, Dave Matthews concert (which = picnic and listening from nearby Centennial Park), hopefully going to see The Soloist, and maybe visiting a condo in East Nashville which we really like!

Hope everyone is having a great week and has a wonderful Friday/weekend ahead!


One Response

  1. no mention of the super exciting road trip next weekend?? If you can do an ice bath, you can go tubing in the Little River.

    Good luck with the half! We should be somewhere in Alabama when you finish..call!!!

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