Free Cone Day!

Did everyone stop by their neighborhood Ben & Jerry’s for Free Cone Day???!


Of course I did…. it’s been an annual tradition since my freshman year of college. So what… that makes this year the 5th anniversary of me getting free ice cream? I have to hand it to the Ben & Jerry’s employees; they know what they’re doing on Free Cone Day: the line is kept orderly, they have more workers behind the counters, whipping out ice cream cones like an assembly line. Every year in college, I would go after class, and stand in the line for a good 20-30 minutes, patiently waiting. Freshman year, I spilled ice cream on my white t-shirt and my then roommate laughed hysterically at me. Sophomore and junior year I believe I went solo because no one wanted to wait as long as me. Thankfully the student paper’s sudoku provided entertainment while I waited in line. Senior year, my roommate and best friend actually went with me for the first time (and we met freshman year…) and we had a blast. In fact, I think there’s a picture of that venture last year:


Oh… but there’s no evidence of me eating the ice cream! Well… I can assure you I ate it, and it was wonderful. 

Fast forward to this year (today): I’m now in Nashville, and determined to beat those Vanderbilt students in line. However, it seems that Vanderbilt students are not as easily motivated by free ice cream as University of Georgia students. I showed up at the 21st Avenue location of Ben & Jerry’s (seriously right on the edge of campus) and there was no line at all. That’s right people, I walked in, picked my flavor, got my cone, and left within 1 minute. Maybe 2 minutes…. max. I chose the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and was not disappointed. Half Baked still remains my favorite, but unfortunately it’s rarely included on Free Cone Day. Such discrimination!

The funny part comes later… when I ran into another intern in the hospital who was in need of spirit-lifting, and I suggested she go get herself a free ice cream cone. I had forgotten about the location inside the childrens hospital – how convenient! So I went with her… and felt maybe I should try another flavor?? Yes… I got another free ice cream cone. Now there was a line at this one, but still it took no more than 5 minutes. I highly recommend the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk flavor – deelish.

And what do you do after you’ve just had 2 free ice cream cones from Ben & Jerry’s and no lunch? Well… you head over to Fido on Hillsboro and have their delicious veggie burger! It’s been a lot of calories, yes, but I brought half the burger home.. which will soon be my dinner, so it all works out. Plus – I did some treadmill, a yoga class, and level 1 of 30 day shred today, so I feel justified to have all that ice cream.

We just have to remember… free cone day only comes once a year. So take advantage of it my friends! :) 


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  1. I guess Vandy students have trust funds, large allowances or are lactose intolerant….you should work for B&J’S!!!

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