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What’s that hissing in your kitchen?

Oh nothing… just the delicious sweet potato waffles I’m making! 

I’ve been excited about making another batch of sweet potato waffles for a while now. Drove out to Kroger to buy some more eggs, luckily found Kroger had a dozen eggs on sale for $1 (score!) and I was ready to go.

Used Alton Brown’s recipe this time… which involved 6 egg whites beaten to stiff peaks to keep them all light and lovely.

Things seemed to be going so well. And then……

we ran out of PAM.

Never fear, I thought, I’ll just use my MISTO. Well, Mr Misto has decided he doesn’t want to spray a nice film of canolive on my waffle iron. No, he’d rather shoot streams of oil all over the place. Not to worry, we’ll go ahead and make the waffles anyway.

M.i.s.t.a.k.e. Because here’s what it looks like:


Now… some logical people might, at this point, say “well obviously this isn’t going to work; let’s make sweet potato pancakes instead”. But some crazy people, do not. 

Need we remind ourselves of Einstein’s definition of insanity?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Such as: continuing to pour batter into your faulty waffle iron with the help of your faulty MISTO and expecting perfect waffles to come out.  

During this process, as I set my timer for 7:07 (I have this weird OCD thing with setting clocks/alarms/timers to palindromic numbers), I found myself focusing all my energy on what was currently wrong/bad in my life and getting more and more worked up over it. Things like:

  • The 40 degree weather yesterday and today
  • The fact that I can’t watch network channels on my TV because comcast hates me
  • The fact that my foot is hurt and I can’t do any walking
  • My $17 checking account balance
  • How birds seem to know that I just had my car washed…

Just as I was getting supremely annoyed….. my roommate comes home

“How was your day Elizabeth?”

The look on my face…. she knew something was up. And instead of being all angry…. I smiled and laughed. I showed her the mess, told her the story. And what did she say?

“But I had more PAM in the back of the pantry!”

Oh how God loves to laugh at my life, I’m pretty sure. And so, all is well. I found the new PAM and finished off the batter, this time making pancakes instead of waffles (the waffle iron is currently in time out). 

So, moral of the story? Don’t get too upset at things. Laughter is always the best medicine. Oh, and being prepared doesn’t hurt either.


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