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12 miles is back to haunt me

I successfully finished those 12 miles this past Saturday with no aches or pains. Some soreness, yes, but that’s normal. 

But do you know what’s not normal? My foot hurting this bad. It’s a weird pain on the outer edge of my right foot, closer to my heel than toes. It started yesterday and gets worse throughout the day after I put more weight on it. Today, I felt fine in the morning, but by lunchtime, it was not good. I feel like Dr. House, limping around the medical center and Vanderbilt campus… so sad. I’m really hoping it’s nothing serious, like a stress fracture. That would be bad. It’s possible I caused this by not buying new shoes for this half marathon (I’m still training in 2 pairs of Asics 2130s that I bought a year ago for my first half marathon). But with $17 in the bank account, there’s no money (or time now…) for new shoes. 

So… we’ll see how it goes. I’m currently laying on my couch with my foot propped on a frozen bag of marinara sauce, and watching Serendipity on Bravo. Maybe John Cusack can come and fix my foot. That would be lovely. If I had ibuprofen or any type of NSAID, I’d be taking that… but I haven’t used pain medications in probably over a year. I just don’t get pain very often in my life. I know, I’m lucky :)

Oh, and did I mention how I can only watch cable channels right now? Yup, my TV has rejected all network channels, no more NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX. I finally get caught up on all my shows (The Office, House, Brothers and Sisters) and now I won’t be able to watch House tonight! Boo :(

I guess we’ll lay here (ok, I’ll lay here, singular, there’s no one laying on the couch with me, I promise) for a litle while longer, perhaps until I lose all feeling in my foot. And then it’ll be time to put the tofu out to drain, in preparation for tonight’s tofu fried rice. I’m pretty excited about that.


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  1. is it lay or lie? i get peoples and chooks mixed up…..

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