From the social chair

I successfully hosted an Easter Brunch at my place today after church for the interns. I was so proud – got my place all cleaned up, food prepped the night before, easter decorations in place, and ready for fun! We had a great turn out, I think 12 of the 16 interns showed up, which is a rare treat. 

Foodwise, anytime you have a bunch of nutrition people in the room, you know there’s a lot of good food. Let’s see…. banana bread, quiche, fruit salad, potato casserole, chicken salad, ham, french toast with homemade syrup, and Easter Candy (dove’s dark chocolate eggs… and peanut butter M&Ms). 

I hard boiled a lot of eggs for us to decorate, after failing at all attempts to “blow” eggs. Yeah, not happening. But it’s just as well, I think if we’d only had shelled eggs to work it, there would have been a lot of breakage. 

My quiches turned out well. I used the leek and mushroom quiche recipe from Smitten Kitchen, as well as making a batch of spinach mini quiches that my sister is famous for (although she uses bacon instead of spinach… can you tell who the dietitian is?!).  The mini quiches went fast … I prob should’ve made a double batch instead of making the big quiche… the individual ones just work better as party food. But nonetheless, I have leftovers now for me!

After all the guests left, a few of us went to our first Nashville open house for an adorable house around the corner from me. Not that we are really in a position to buy a house… but we love it, and are trying to find a place we can all live together in after the internship. I wonder what the realtor thought of us. It was such a great house, probably bigger than we need (and obviously way too much money than we’ll ever have) but it was fun dreaming. 

Now… time to rest and recuperate. I hear the storms coming outside, the wind is really picking up. And my foot is killing me (12 miles yesterday!) so perhaps this afternoon is best spent on the couch with my copy of Chocolat. I went to the park yesterday, late afternoon, and had a great time reading and people watching. Lying on my blanket, here was my view:



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