Spring is here!

So happy that spring is here. No more random beautiful days in the 70s, only to be exchanged for waking up to mid-30s. No, I think spring is finally here to stay. The flowers are out, my tree outside my bedroom is in full bloom, and it’s all lovely.

Other signs that spring is here?

  • The allergies have started and the Nasonex prescripion is waiting at my neighborhood CVS for me. I’ve been anxious about living through a Nashville spring, just as far as my head/breathing ability is concerned. But really, can it be any worse than Georgia? During my time down in Athens while in college, I went through years of allergy shots (8 a week!) and gradually built up immunity. It’s been quite amazing to only buy boxes of kleenex every few months instead of weeks. And yet, after my crazy hospital incident 2 summers ago that left me on a host of old-people heart medications, I haven’t been able to get the shots anymore. So… fingers are crossed that all the antibodies I finally made against my allergens are still floating around my body, ready to attack against the Nashville spring. What am I allergic to, you may ask? Don’t get me started. Almost every grass, weed, tree, flower that you can be tested for. Oh and a collection of animals too – dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs (but fortunately I’m fine with cattle?). Let’s just say there’s a reason I was getting 8 shots a week…
  • I finally washed and put away my flannel sheets. I have loved this new set – I got them dirt cheap at Kohl’s the day after thanksgiving, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my snowman sheets for the last 4 months. But now, it’s time to switch the soft cozy sheets for my crisp, white cotton. 
  • The little farmers markets across town are setting up!! yay yay yay yay local food!! While running errands in the Green Hills area this morning, I saw two of the mainstays already had their tents up, and were getting ready to open up shop. I’m so excited about this. I really feel like I wasn’t as good of a local foodie this past summer/fall after moving to Nashville; I didn’t frequent the farmers markets near as often as I had hoped to. But, times have changed and I’m ready. Probably even more passionate about local, sustainable food than I was 6 months ago! Of course, what I’d really love is to join a CSA for the upcoming season, but with not knowing for sure where I’ll be living, I’m not able to make that commitment yet. 
  • Spring thunderstorms have been making plenty of appearances. Today’s looks particular disturbing, with the potential for many a tornado and hail storm. Hopefully, it can hold out until I get back from my exciting Green Business and Living Expo over at Lipscomb – I’m pretty pumped about it today and hearing the keynote speaker, Gary Hirshberg! Gary is the CEO (or as he says, CE-Yo) of Stonyfield Farms, an organic yogurt producer, and wrote a brilliant book on how green/sustainable business practices is the best strategy for both making money and saving the planet – always what we want to hear! 

So, that’s my little shpiel on springtime. I’m going to reheat some of last night’s spaghetti for a quick lunch and then out for a beautiful walk before the storms set in!


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