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Nutrition misinformation… it’s everywhere

As an RD2B, I hear everyday about our role in “fighting the battle of nutrition misinformation”. People hear nutrition information from a million sources, few of which are credible evidence-based info from Registered Dietitians, the only people you should be trusting to give nutrition advice. 

I know that people are very confused on nutrition related topics: carbs, for instance, – how much should I have? does it really make me fat? should I eliminate all ‘white’ foods? etc. But I guess I still have trouble realizing that even what I consider ‘basic nutrition’ ideas are foreign to so many people.

Today’s example: I was at church tonight for our women’s bible study, waiting in line for coffee, and I saw a woman holding a small carton of heavy cream. She noticed several people staring at her and said “You know, I just read somewhere that half and half contains damaged fats and that it’s actually better to use plain old heavy cream”. I turned around, after hearing this absurd statement and said “Half and half contains what?” to which she responded “they just said it had damaged fats but I didn’t read on to see what that meant, I figured I’d just started buying real cream again”. Another woman replied “That’s how it goes… it always turns out that the whole, real foods are always better for you”.

So, here we have a woman who read some outrageous statement and, without questioning it, goes and starts buying heavy cream, which obviously is the less-nutritious choice for your coffee. Now, I often feel in these situations kinda stuck. Am I obligated to speak up, share my education level and offer some clarification and real nutrition advice? Of course I didn’t, I was still trying to figure out what on earth ‘damaged fats’ are anyway. And when it was my turn to fix up my coffee, I bypassed all the artificial creamers and poured a teaspoon of the heavy cream in my cup. Can I just say it was the best cup of coffee I have had in quite some time?


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  1. that’s why at Starbutt’s, I get the fat free latte and THEN add the heavy cream!!

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