Greetings all!

It seems we have a London Sunday upon us here in Nashville. Cold, cloudy, gray and drizzly. But… low 40s is the perfect workout temperature, so at least I think so. I went out to Brentwood this morning with my friend Elena for an hourlong walk on the trails. Afterwards… we decided that it was perfect biscuit-eating weather, so we stopped by Cracker Barrel on our way back for a plate of hot, flaky biscuits. Our waitress must have thought we were crazy for only ordering biscuits and 2 glasses of water. “No eggs!? No meat?! Y’all really just came here for biscuits?” haha. Yes ma’am we did. We love your biscuits :)

On another walking-related note, this morning was the ING Georgia Marathon. I can hardly believe it was a year ago today that I finished my first half-marathon. That’s crazy!

momandmeAnd in a month from now I’ll be doing another one! I’m pretty excited about the Country Music Half Marathon here. Although I will admit that my training this season has been not nearly as committed and impressive as last year’s. I think last year I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish, so I had a lot of motivation to get up on all those early mornings and train with the team. But this year, I’m more like “Yeah, I can do this. Maybe not beat my time from last year, but it’ll be fine”. Haha. I’m such a slacker these days.

After getting home from Cracker Barrel, I did a quick 15 minutes of yoga to stretch out my muscles and keep from getting stiff. I have really loved the yoga videos from the “Yoga is Yummy” blog – Polly does a great job of keeping them brief, informative, and easy to follow. Thanks! I did the Yoga for Runners video today, which is only 10 minutes, but I paused it a few minutes to hold the poses a little longer. It felt great!

Alright… on to the rest of the day! Bye bye!!


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