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Recent adventures

Hello there!

What a gross afternoon. Well, actually it’s been quite nice for most of it, only there’s currently a strong line of storms getting way to move through. I can even hear the tornado sirens. I had my sliding door to my balcony open so I could hear the birdies in the trees, only then it was replaced by vicious wind and siren sounds. So now I’m wrapped in a blanket, on my bed, blogging and then planning on catching up on my TV shows. I’ve almost completely caught up on The Office, so my focus today will be Brothers and Sisters, and then eventually get around to House. Ugh. Why is it so hard to follow 3 shows? That’s all I watch! 

So… I have a few adventures to report. Yesterday, my friend and I volunteered at the Nashville Public Library for storytime. Since March is National Nutrition Month, we got to read books about vegetables and eating/food to the little kiddies. It was enjoyable – I haven’t spent time with little kids in so long! A few of our favorites were:

And can I just say that I think the downtown, main library in Nashville is one of, if not THE, most beautiful public libraries I have ever been in!? I just love it. It’s so big and grand, I feel like I’m in an old, famous European museum. There’s multiple floors, and a cute little courtyard area outside that I can’t wait to go sit in with a good book to read. 

After leaving the library, we drove through Germantown, an area that definitely deserves more of our time and exploration. Last weekend we explored East Nashville on foot and had fun with that. So anyway, in Germantown, with our never ending sweet teeth, we found the Cupcake Collection, a gorgeous little cupcake bakery on 6th Avenue. Tucked into a little house, the cupcakes were, in our opinions, superior to the diabetic coma-inducing monster sized cupcakes over at GiGi’s. The cupcakes are smaller (read: normal sized), better quality, and the frosting is much more doable. GiGi’s makes you feel sick after you finish one, and they’re not even that good!

Anyway, we ate our way through several cupcakes, and approved of each: carrot cake, wedding cake, red velvet, and ‘blackout’ (which is a chocolate cupcake filled with mousse and topped with cookie crumbs… delish!).

Today’s find was the Davis Kidd bookstore in the Green Hills mall. I’ve only been in there once before, to buy Nashville postcards, but didn’t realize how extensive of a store it was! I spent over 2 hours in there toady with a friend, and was able to leave with only 2 books from the bargain books table (hey, it’s all a poor intern can afford… otherwise I would’ve bought many a book). I picked up a copy of Chocolat, which I’ve been meaning to re-read for the past year of so, but couldn’t find my copy at home. I also got Blessed Unrest, which is a New York Times bestseller tracing the environmental/social justice movement. It looks pretty interesting!

Of course… so many other books that caught my eye and wanted to come home with me. In particular, I curled up on a couch and read numerous chapters of Molly Wizenberg’s book “A Homemade Life”. I’ve been reading Molly’s blog, Orangette, for a while now, and have loved how she translated the stories of growing up and family recipes into the book! Of course, I couldn’t shell out the $25 to buy it, but I envision future trips to the bookstore to read more…. haha

Oh look, the storm has past. Perfect timing! Now I guess I better start working on dinner. Black beans are being featured tonight; I’m going to re-attempt making a black bean burger. I can’t decide whether to use this recipe or this one, but either way, hopefully it’ll turn out wonderfully. I’m also going to make a batch of “Cowboy Caviar“, also known as black bean and corn salsa to have in the fridge. All this black bean cooking is making me hungry. Better get in the kitchen!


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