Today’s Yays

Excited for a few things today:

  1. Moe’s is coming to Nashville! I saw the building and sign out in Belle Meade earlier this week, and definitely shouted for joy in my car as I drove past. Hooray for cheap tofu tacos!!
  2. The Obamas finally announced that they will be growing an organic garden in the White House lawn! Yay for setting an example to the rest of the country about growing your own and enjoying fresh, local and seasonal produce. I would love to be able to grow something of my own, but currently I have no sunlight on my balcony, and I can’t even seem to keep potted herbs from dying. So it’s not looking good…
  3. The weekend is almost here and I have lots of fun stuff going on – Second City (free!), SEC Gymnastics Championships (Go Dawgs!), and finally the Nashville Symphony (Sorcerer’s Apprentice, yes!)

Hope everyone else enjoys their Thursday as much as I am!


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