10 Miles and Feeling Good

I finally got in 10 miles this morning. I don’t think I’ve done 10 miles since my half-marathon last year. How sad is that!? I’ve been missing a lot of my TNT Saturday morning training sessions due to work and travel, but I finally set up a 10-11 mile route for this weekend with my Dad. 

Time was slower than my usual training pace – ended up taking about 2:47 to finish the route. However, it was a trail route, so a) I think my calculations on mapmywalk.com were a little off, and b) you can never walk as fast on trails when you’re having to dodge puddles, fallen trees and quicksand-like mud. Overall, it was a good walk, and my legs were definitely feeling it at the end!

To reward myself and the 1,000 calorie deficit I had just created, I feasted on my favorite bagel of all time: Panera’s Cinnamon Crunch bagel, topped with their low fat hazlenut cream cheese. Mm mm mm!

My early breakfast was one of the new Fiber One Fulfill bars. I hadn’t seen these before – they’re not with regular cereal/granola bars, but rather with the protein/energy/meal replacement bars. It’s basically a fiber one bar, but with added soy protein, so it ends up giving you 12 grams fiber and 6 or 7 grams protein. Not bad at all! And luckily it wasn’t too heavy on the soy protein taste, which I can usually detect a mile away. During the 10 miles, I took a packet of Sports Beans with me, which I love to give me energy after 90 minutes or so. I used my new SPIBelt that I got for my birthday – the perfect race belt that fits everything, stays put, and isn’t bulky at all! Highly recommend it.

Now I have about an hour left to eat my leftovers from last night’s dinner (A veggie wrap from a new Turkish restaurant) and get everything ready to head to the airport and travel back to Nashville. So much work awaits me, it’s not even funny, so we’re just not going to think about that….


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  1. stick it to the man, elizabeth!!!!

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