You Know You’re a Vegetarian When…

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat from a terrible nightmare….

How sad is it when your nightmare involves you eating a massive tupperware container full of Arby’s roast beef!?!?!

Hard to believe that I used to crave these suckers as a child. When we would travel back to the US to visit family, I actually had a short list of American foods that I had to have before we returned to Australia. Care to know what they are? Embarrassing but true…..

  1. Arby’s roast beef sandwich and curly fries
  2. Wendy’s frosty
  3. String cheese
  4. Yoplait banana custard yogurt

And can you believe I am now a vegetarian, fast-food-hating, soon to be Registered Dietitian? Oh the changes that we make…..


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