Happy Birthday to me!!

I finally get a Saturday birthday, only to find that I have to work….. the only Saturday in the program we have to work. Such luck! But it did give me yesterday off, which I enjoyed (and started the celebration early) by shopping at Opry Mills and baking my cake. Cake is looking good, I just have to finish it off this afternoon with some yummy rich ganache :)

So, it’s a beautiful sunny day out in Nashville, but probably only for another 30 minutes before this dreaded front moves through, bringing rain and cold temps for the rest of my birthday. Unfortunate that I had to spend the only nice part of the day in the hospital doing safety and sanitation audits on the kitchen, and interviewing staff members on how work is going for them. Oh well…. we told the manager on duty that it was my birthday (to which she replied, “I’m sorry. This really sucks!”) so she tried to get us out as quickly as possible. And then we headed to Provence, for a wonderful brunch of stuffed french toast, chocolate espresso cookies, and multigrain bread. Thanks to Kathy for my treat! As much as it tried to have that Parisian feel to it, it was still an overpriced American bakery, but it did remind me of my time in Paris last summer with EMT and how we tricked local bakery owners into thinking we were locals by our last day there. We had our breakfast routine down to an art. Chocolat chaud et pain du chocolat s’il vous plait. Oh, and sometimes we’d through a cafe au lait or jus d’orange in there. My favorite breakfast was at the park at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, which made for excellent people watching and gypsy spotting.

This is making me want to watch Chocolat now. Such a good movie. And very timely too, since it takes place during lent. Which reminds me… am I going to give up something this year? I haven’t done that in a few years, and back in the day it was always cookies, which was a dumb thing to give up, because I’d forget and eat them anyway, and didn’t really learn anything from the experience. Freshman year of college I actually gave up computer games, which was pretty good. My roommate and I had gotten ourselves hooked on the free games from msn.com like zuma, and it was bad news. I’ll have to brainstorm what meaningful thing I could go without this year.

OK, back to the birthday festivities. I have a cake to finish, packages and presents to open, and books to read. As much housework as there is to do (and a waffle iron in dire need of cleaning…. long story from last night regarding an error in baking powder amounts which resulted in batter overflow/explosion), I am not doing work on my birthday. I already put in my hours at the hospital this morning. Plus, we have my big birthday dinner tonight at Sunset Grill with all my intern friends!


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