Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been meaning to sit down and type a post, but things have been hectic and busy today, so maybe I can get away with a bullet-point entry for today:

  • Getting up at 5:30am was surprisingly easy this morning. Met the team out at LP Field and did a nice and easy 4 miles with the walkers. No need to overexert myself, because at 10am I had the Predators Fangtastic 5k! I went with my roommate and friend, and we all had a blast. I was super excited to get under 40 mins, and I actually managed to jog more than usual, so it was lots of fun. There’s just something about a big race environment that I love – all the people out on the course cheering you on, people of all fitness levels/goals/abilities, so you never feel like you’re the slowest one out there. Sadly, didn’t see anyone in costume, but there was a juggler who was impressive. And of course, lots of couples running together. After all, it is Valentine’s Day…
  • Another friend and I have spent the better part of this afternoon making and eating chocolate covered strawberries and watching chick flicks. mmm mmmm. Could you think of a better plan? And plus, my 7+ miles from this morning lessens my chocolate-eating guilt. Although, who am I kidding… do I ever feel guilty for eating chocolate?
  • My sister called me to say that Coldplay is coming to Houston, and will be playing in our back yard this July. No really, the pavillion is about a half mile from my home. We sometimes sit outside and listen to the concerts. So… the tickets go on sale next Saturday (my birthday!) which must be a sign. That would be an amazing concert to go to… I’ve been listening to their new Viva la Vida CD nonstop… such a big fan :)
  • Dinner plans were difficult to come up with for tonight – a bunch of single girls who wait until the night before to find restaurants with openings… no such luck. So it looks like it’s to the sports bar for an evening of pizza and beer (well, pizza and water for moi!).

Hope you have all had a great Valentine’s Day!


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