Spring is here at long last!

I have so enjoyed the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with in the past few days. Not quite so excited to get the power bill today and see a record-breaking amount for the month of January…. but that was a very frigid month requiring non-stop heating, so I suppose I can understand. But now that I’ve been able to leave the building without a coat for several days, I’m loving it! 

Rotations began this week. No more clinical stuff, I’m now in the other track, which we lovingly call “MBC land” – short for management, business and community rotations. This week is focused on patient services in the hospital’s foodservice department. Even though I expected to hate foodservice stuff, we’re doing more managerial type activities. So instead of cooking/delivering the meal trays, we’re investigating why delivery times are slow, why certain items receive more complaints than others, help keep staff updated on regulations, etc. Tomorrow, for instance, I’m teaching a few inservices on Joint Commission, since Vanderbilt is due at any moment for a surprise visit. We came up with a spin on “Where’s Waldo?” and have “Where’s JC?”, emphasizing that they will come unannounced, and may be anywhere in the hospital. Of course, being in the south, we’ll have to put in the disclaimer that no, we’re not talking about Jesus Christ, but the Joint Commission. haha. But who knows, maybe Jesus likes red striped sweaters too?

I’ve finally had some more time to get back to reading… which has been long overdue. I have only a few chapters left in ‘Holy Cow’ – an enjoyable travel narrative about an Australian journalist’s move to India and her experience with the culture, religion and lifestyle. I have been looking forward to taking the shuttle to work in the morning so I can have a few minutes to read (with no computer/internet/work to distract me). However, yesterday morning I get settled into my seat, only to find an Indian couple sitting across from me. I immediately felt self-conscious, but desparately wanted to read my book, so I pulled it out discretely and laid it on my lap (to avoid flashing the colorful and provoking cover). After finishing the chapter, I put it back in my bag. When I looked up, the couple was grinning at me. The man said “Can I see the book that you’re reading? What is it about?” I pulled it out slowly, handed it to him, and explained “Oh, it’s just about an Australian woman’s travel to India”. I didn’t know if it offended them or simply intrigued them. The two of them closely inspected the book and read the blurb on the back, then smiled and handed it back to me. “Do you like this kind of book?” he asked me. Again, not knowing what to say and not wanting to upset anyone, I stayed safe with “Yeah, it’s pretty interesting…”. 

Luckily, they were not on the bus this morning, so I read in peace. I’m hoping to finish it tonight. The next books on my list are:

  • Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore
  • Epilogue: A Memoir by Anne Roiphe
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald (I just have to read it now after seeing the movie!)
  • The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks (I know….)

And a quick reminder for all you readers out there that I’m still raising money to help fight blood cancer!! My half marathon training is going well, and on April 25th I’ll complete my second half-marathon on behalf of cancer patients, victims, and survivors. Visiting the pediatric oncology floor today, I saw a stack of coloring books that LLS puts out about “My Stem Cell Transplant” and was reminded of the great work that they do. Please join me in finding a cure! So far, I’ve raised over $300, but my personal goal is $1,000. Any amount you can give, no matter how small, will help! LLS is such a good organization to give to, over 75% of all donations go straight to research and patient services, and I can tell you that the funds raised by Team in Training have made a huge impact on the survival rates of many types of cancer. So thank you in advance for your support :)


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