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A lovely day to be outside

Earlier today, I tackled 8 miles for the first time so far this season. I didn’t train with the team, because:
a) I got mad when the alarm clock woke me up at 5:30am
b) I wanted to walk farther than the 6-7 miles the other walkers were doing
c) I wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather that was due

So, I snoozed until 8am and planned a great 8 mile loop that pretty much covered a good chunk of Nashville. I went by the 3 colleges in the area: Vanderbilt, Belmont and Lipsomb, past the Parthenon, down Music Row by all the recording studios, witnessed many another runner/walker, even saw one runner who carried a spare pair of running shoes in his hands (that is the first tme I have seen such a thing). I found the Nashville Chess Club, a little grocery store selling blueberries for 99cents (deal!), and managed to hide my water bottle in someone’s front yard at the halfway mark so that it was still there when I came strolling by for my water break. Perhaps I should’ve used Powerade instead of straight H2O, because when I hit mile 6, I felt like I was dead. My legs were getting heavy, and every little hill seemed mountainous. Oh well, it was good for me. I have to say that ILOVE mapmywalk‘s new beta version, which even shows you the elevation for your route – so I knew to expect lots of hills from mile 4 to mile 6. 

01/31/2009 Route
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I made it back to my building safely, collapsed on the couch and ate a banana and trail mix, washed down with powerade. After some good stretching and a nice shower, I should be ready to go now. Next weekend should probably be the 10 mile mark, so I hope I can be ready for it!


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  1. i googled hating dietetic internship and ended up here. i didn’t know you had a blog! i had to shut mine down b/c i couldn’t keep up with it during internship. i’ll have to come back (this is mary tidwell, by the way)

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