Fighting the Battle of the Bulge

Don’t think that dietitians (or RDs2B for that matter) are all perfect eaters, with daily diets that meet each and every one of the dietary guidelines and reflect the food guide pyramid. I will admit that before starting my dietetic internship and meeting my fellow interns, I was worried that no one else would eat sweets like I do, or enjoy indulging in caloric splurges. However, I have found that these girls (and 1 guy) also live by the motto of “everything in moderation”. We all enjoy going out to eat, discovering Nashville’s local eateries, and baking/cooking for one another.

If you read one of my recent posts, you will find that the very foods I teach people to think of as “sometimes foods” or “whoa foods” as the little kids learn, have been increasingly a regular part of my diet. Not a good thing. Especially when this sub-zero weather has lead to a decrease in my workouts and caloric expenditure. And so… I am left battling with my all-powerful sweet tooth, who seems to think that a meal cannot end without dessert. However, my thighs and waist tell me that I need to lay off the sweets!

I knew I’d never be able to just stop eating sweets. I’m not one of those people. I love chocolate, cookies, nutella, cupcakes, etc, and I don’t believe anyone should have to live a life without such delights. However, I don’t think they need to be part of my everyday diet. So… I decided to try a 2 day – 1 day cycle, which is as simple as it sounds: 2 days with no dessert, rewarded with a treat the next day, and continue and repeat. I recruited my best friend and college roommate (who will be supporting me when she’s a rich corporate lawyer in a few years) as my support and accountability partner. Afterall, if no one knows my plan and what I’m trying to do, it’s that much harder for me to stick to it!

So… how have I done? Oh dear. Today is day 2, and I’ve had sweets both days. Not planned, of course. Yesterday, the interns went to Fido for lunch. Being the financially poor intern that I am, I brought my peanut butter and banana sandwich inside, but bought a muffin to split with someone. I chose the PC muffin (pumpkin-chocolate chip) which has to be the best muffin ever created!! That was the only dessert of the day, and honestly it did have vegetables in it…. no, there’s no justifying that one. 

Today, an intern brought in chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes for our research workshop class, of which I enjoyed 2. 

So where does this leave us? Basically, the 2 day-1 day has been followed, but unfortunately in reverse. Oh dear…. haha. 

But let’s remember, tomorrow is a new day. And an ironic day at that. I’ll be at one of the Nashville Metro high schools all day, teaching students about making healthier choices for snacks, beverages and fast food. Oh and we have a hilarious “nutrition rap” to do with them too! haha. And in the afternoon, I will be watching Roddick and Federer go head to head in the semi-finals. My roommate has witnessed enough of my screaming at the TV for the past week. Today she asked “when is all this over?!”

Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I’ll be able to report successfully sticking to the “plan”.


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  1. keep an eye on your “wasit”!
    If you can get yourself established as a 501(c)3, I can help support you!

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