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Andy Murray’s Out!!

Can I just say how I’m loving the ability to watch tennis at the most convenient of times? 

Watching tennis after work, while I’m making dinner – lovely
Watching tennis as I get ready to go to sleep at night – perhaps not relaxing, but quite comfortable :)
Being able to turn on the tennis from my bed when my alarm clock wakes me at 5:55am  – priceless!

I was pretty shocked to see Andy Murray lose his match today to Verdasco, but secretly excited because it eliminates one more top seed as a competitor for my man, Roger. But really, Murray is a good guy. He may have crazy British teeth and look like a gangly and angry young guy, but I am a fan. I guess the pressure was a little too much – there was a lot of talk about him possibly winning the Aus Open. But obviously those people forgot about my husband. Geez, he loses the #1 ranking and all of a sudden the world has given up on him?! I think not.

Djokovic and Roddick just started their match; I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to watch before I fall asleep, but I’ll cheer them both on. I like both of these guys too, but have to cheer for Roddick. Not just because he’s the American, but he’s just an all-around good guy. Novak is pretty full of himself, and his constant fist pumps and glares of intimidation drive me nuts. It will be an interesting game, I’m sure. Whoever wins is up against my husband next, so maybe these two can drag it out to 5 sets and wear each other out. That would be lovely. Not that Roger couldn’t take them on fully rested and ready….

I’ll be sad when the open is finished this weekend. No more tennis until the summer. I did hear, however, that the first round of the Davis Cup is actually going to be in Birmingham this coming March, and that it’s the USA vs Switzerland. Which means…. Roger!! Does it make me a bad person if I go and cheer against my own country? Yeah, probably so. And tickets are probably expensive too. But it’s only a few hours’ drive south of me, would be a shame not to even try to go.

OK, on with the show. Go Roddick!


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  1. you are really starting to worry me. you don’t even speak French anymore. you cannot be married to Rog.

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