Food in the Music City: this week’s recap

So I think I’ve had a pretty amazing week in terms of Nashville’s food scene:

  • Breakfast at The Pancake Pantry (finally!) to try the sweet potato pancakes. Well worth the wait :)
  • Assorted donut holes from Fox’s Donut Den, brought to work by my fellow interns
  • Dinner at Kalamata’s (for the third week in a row… yes I’m obsessed, but the falafel pocket is to die for!)
  • Las Paletas – could you pick a better recovery snack for half-marathon training than a double chocolate chip cookie popsicle? Yeah, I didn’t think so
  • GiGi’s Cupcakes: today’s special was spectactular – devil’s food cupcake with buttercream frosting, topped with a Hershey’s kiss.
  • Starbucks (OK, this one is the only non-local place) after dinner with the interns for a night of stories and laughter. I highly recommend the new London Fog latte – lovely and made me think of the gray and rainy city itself!

I’m not sure this week can be beat. There’s still a list of food places/experiences I have yet to cross off though… including the restaurant of choice for my upcoming birthday dinner. Hmmm….


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