Enough with the snow!

I have to say that seeing snow for me is like a once a year (maybe) event, something that seems so out of place we don’t know what to do with it. Something that causes schools to close. My first winter in Nashville, I’ve already had 3-4 days of seeing snow. Now, nothing really sticks to the ground, so all you northerners/midwesterners can start laughing at me now, but it’s quite enough for me! I cannot wait for spring to get here!!

In fact, it’s making watching the Australian Open that much more lovely. Yes, it may be over 100 degrees down in Melbourne, but right now I think I’d take that. How I do miss Australia and those crazy fun-loving people. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this for the world to see, but I started singing my coldplay songs in the car today in a heavy Aussie accent today while I was driving to pick up free magazines from strangers’ porches (and that’s a whole other story…). There’s something about singing songs in foreign accents that makes it so much more fun. haha! 

As far as tennis goes…. from the few matches I’ve seen so far, here are my thoughts:

  1. I love Roger’s short hair :)
  2. Roger seems playing better than last year, and claims he’s healthy and moving well, but he’s still missing too many shots just long/short. And that’s freaking me out! What happened to the Federer who could nail all those winners in the corner of the court?
  3. Well, it seems that that talent has gone to everyone’s favorite Spaniard. Nadal played his first match incredibly well, and his hard-court ability is also making me super nervous. I wish I could like the guy, because he’s an amzing athlete, but I can’t. Not as long as my husband is out there still trying to win his own matches.
  4. I have yet to watch Roddick, so I can’t comment on his playing. His wife, who is actually one of my fellow interns here at Vanderbilt (amazing, I know!), wasn’t impressed with his playing and predicts he’ll be out soon. She really does love him, I promise. 

On a completely unrelated topic – I feel like I’ve been a terrible American citizen today. For such a hugely memorable day, Obama’s inauguration, I have not watched any of it, read about any of it, or even really cared about it. Que terrible! I was so into the debates, campaigns and election, but I guess now I’m just relieved that he’s in and trusting that things will look up soon. It would, however, be nice if they could plan such inauguration festivities to be at a time when us working folk could watch. I promise that when I’m in office I’ll make that happen :)


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