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My puppies!

Greetings all!

It’s a cool, gray day here in music city, and everyone is buzzing with the excitement of the Titans/Ravens game. I have it on, but I’m not very good at paying attention to football games, so instead I’m going through my photos and putting together my IFIC fellowship application. 

Sorting through my Christmas photos I found some good ones of my doggies back home, and I wanted to share. I miss them! 

stp82020This is Sheff, my dog. We adopted him from PetsMart back in 2000, as a skinny, scared puppy who was being bullied by a German Shepherd at home. Well actually, we fostered him but couldn’t give him up :) He’s the smartest dog I know – talks on the phone, watches TV, and has a very real conscience. Whenever one of our other fosters misbehaves, Sheff panics and runs into his crate as self-punishment. When I was in high school he would sit at the front window and wait for me to come home every afternoon. During my first semester of college, he still sat by the window, confused as to why I wasn’t returning. He’s better now, we talk on the phone every once in a while, and when my parents tell him “Elizabeth is coming home!” his ears perk up and he rounds around barking. 

stp82031This is Neuman the beagle. He was another “failed” foster that we took in during the fall of 2003. He was the largest beagle I had ever seen, but with a successful use of the green bean diet he has slimmed down to 37 pounds. haha. He is famous for his escapes and runs through the neighborhood, but more so for his pantry break-ins. Neuman has been found to consume boxes of fiber one bars, packets of soup mixes, bags of flour, and can also remove bananas from briefcases, peel and eat them (can your dog peel a banana?!). He has mellowed a lot in the past few years and sleeps during most of the day now. Unfortunately, Neuman is not a fan of our frequent foster dogs – in fact he really hates them. We call him Neuman the Nazi sometimes as he morphs into a Tasmanian Devil when one of the fosters is within 3 feet of him – it’s like he has some sacred force field around him. And he guilts Sheff into ignoring the fosters too… it’s taken months for him to allow Sheff to play with our current foster, Wags (below).

stp82040Our current foster is Wags Dexter Brown (WDB). We call him many names: Wags, WDB, Dexter, Texter, Brown Dog, etc. He’s also our longest foster, having had him since July. The special thing about Wags is that he is a survivor of distemper and we’re very lucky to still have him around. He was incredibly underweight and in poor health when we first pulled him out of the shelter, and it took weeks of TLC and medication to get him through the disease. My mom actually had to syringe feed him McDonalds sundaes to get some calories in him, as he completely refused to eat. But he’s looking and feeling good now, although the vets say he has about a 50% chance of developing neurological complications from distemper, which will likely be fatal. He’s a wonderful guy though – so playful and fun to have around. In this picture he is destroying the fleece bone that I bought the dogs for Christmas, so we had to hide it from him. He lives at the windows in the back of our house – watching for squirrels, and then lunging at the back door when he sees one. Funny thing though – he won’t go outside by himself! I’ve never seen this behavior in a dog before – he’ll be jumping and barking at the back door, but if you open the door, he rushes 2 steps out, and if you aren’t going out with him, he flies back in before you can even shut the door. Poor guy. But he’s an adorable chocolate brown lab who will hopefully be adopted to a loving family who understands his medical history and will give him a great home. We sure will miss him!

So, that’s my 3 dogs back home in Texas. One day I’ll get my own dog to spoil rotten… but first I have to enter the real world, find a job, and actual pick a city to settle in. One day… :)

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