Kicking off the New Year

Happy New Year readers!

I made it back to Nashville safely; the drive back from Houston was pretty painless with no traffic, bad weather or detours. I left at 6am, picked up my Starbucks grande mocha, and drove straight through, stopping only for gas or rest stops. And… thanks to the greatness that is my Toyota Matrix, those 800 miles cost only $35. Beat that all you blockheaded SUV drivers! 

Today’s been a pretty low key day. I was psyched to see that it was 50 degrees when I woke up at 5:30am, so that my 6 miles with the team was in perfect weather. It felt great to be out walking with the team again, and this time I actually got to know some of my fellow walkers. They’re a pretty inspiring bunch; one woman is blind, one has recovered from a bad car wreck that left her in bed for months with crushed legs, one is a grandmother who lost her 20-something year old daughter to Leukemia years ago, and all of us are awesome for doing what we’re doing :)

I boxed up all my Christmas decorations, which seems a little sad, yet I wasn’t ready to see the Easter stuff out in full force already in Cracker Barrel. My little three foot tall Christmas tree will have to wait until next year before it can be on display again :( But maybe next year I’ll live somewhere real enough to warrant a full-size tree. haha

Since it’s so gray and dreary outside, I felt able to justify watching a few episodes of The Office from my season 2 DVD set that I received from my best friend for Christmas. How I love Jim and Pam…. and the deleted scenes! And now I’ve found that “You’ve Got Mail” is on TV, which I haven’t seen in much too long, so there goes my being productive for the rest of the day. That pile of mail/bills can just sit there for another day… and the empty kitchen can wait until tomorrow to be replenished. 

I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to make the most of 2009. Please don’t make any impossible-t0-achieve resolutions.. you’re only setting yourself up for failure. If you must make a list (as I still do…), use it as an opportunity to think about what’s important to you and what you’d like to achieve in this new year, yet make the resolutions, or “goals” as I think of them, realistic enough that you can actually cross them off in 362 days with a smile on your face. There’s nothing better than being able to cross off items from a list, am I right? Of course I am :)


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  1. you and your lists! I make lists too, but I lose them before I can cross anything off. But that slash in lead (preferably) is so satisfying……especially if I use a dull pencil.

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