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Great ways to save the environment

A few days ago I stopped by the new gourmet food shop in my hometown, which to me seemed just like a baby Whole Foods. I picked up a packet of ladyfingers to make the Christmas tiramisu (which turned out to be a success, if you were wondering).stp82037

The amazing part from my trip was discovered later when I got home and pulled the receipt out of my bag. The receipt seemed unusually short. Upon further inspection I realized that it was printed double-sided, so as to reduce any unnessecary paper. How ingenious is that!?

I did a search and found that Sainsbury’s in England was the first European grocery store to install these double-sided printers in their stores, reducing their paper use by 40%. You can read more about the product and its use here.

In the mean time, I’m still doing what I can to reduce my own waste. No more bottled water and plastic bags have been the easiest changes to make. It’s been pretty cool to see that most every store has jumped on the reusable bag bandwagon, and that they’re reasonably priced now. The trunk of my car is stuffed with my collection of bags – from Whole Foods, Trader Joes, World Market, ADA, Beef lobbyists (I try not to use this one whenever possible), my favorite Australian bakery, and other bags I’ve picked up along the way.

So keep on doing your part people!


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