December Update

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long… one of my faithful readers alerted me earlier today that I need to update the blog, so here I am again!

Things have been busy so far this month. First of all, let me say that I have finally finished all my clinical rotations, as well as my big (30+ page) clinical case study, so I’ve been a happy RD2B this past week! I now have 3 weeks of ‘staff experience’, in which we interns get to pick a floor to work on and essentially be the dietitian. The dietitians love this because if we choose their floor, they basically get to spend 3 weeks catching up on other work/projects, and letting us to their job. haha. And, being the hardworking (and perhaps crazy) person that I am, I chose the medical intensive care unit (MICU) for my staff experience. Probably the hardest floor I could’ve chosen, with the longest hours and most complicated patients, but I know I’ll get a lot out of these 3 weeks and will feel ready to tackle anything by the time I’m finished. So… all you weird patients that sound like you came off of a House episode, bring it on, I’m ready for you! I’ll have you all on tube feedings with no problem :)


In other non-work news, the interns have enjoyed our December, with a trip to Opryland to see the beautiful decorations. Here’s a picture from inside the hotel. It was really crowded, as expected, and we definitely witnessed some of the most interesting holiday outfits on the most unsuspecting people (70+ year old women tottering around on glittery high heels… a 60-something year old glamor-shot-posing in a holly bush…. and of course adorable little children in matching outifts being forced to smile for the annual christmas photograph). We even managed to get a group shot of the interns, which turned out decent.

We also had a Christmas party for all the RD2B interns… it was a success with all 16 showing up. We had a great spread of food and drinks, holiday decorations and music, and our secret santa gift exchange. I received a large box, filled with pots, bags of dirt, and seed packets to grow my own herbs! I’m pretty excited about giving these little guys a shot, basil, oregano, and chives. My little pot of organic basil, which I’ve been tending to since April, finally died this past month. Well, it didn’t die so much as I removed all its leaves to make pesto, and it chose not to grow any more. :(    I must just look like an eager herb-grower; I received a chia potted herb kit one year from a college roommate, and my mother admitted that she was planning on buying me some for Christmas this year too! Hahaha.

4 days left until I leave Music City and head home to Texas. I must say that I am very excited to get back to warm weather – soooo excited to see the forecast included 70-80 degree weather for the next week or so. I have had it with cold weather here! My Wisonsonite roommate laughs at me and thinks this is much too warm for December, but my winterphobic self has had enough of the 30-40 degree days. Not only is it cold and depressing, but I haven’t been able to work out much. Getting home in the dark does not lend itself for many weekday walks. And, I’m back in the half-marathon training mindset, signing up for Team in Training again, this season as a team captain. So, any of you interested in donating money to help fight blood cancer, please visit my website and help the cause! Looks like I’ll have to join the YMCA when I get back in January, so I can continue to train without using the winter as an excuse!

Somewhat related (sports, at least)… January brings with it the 2009 Australian Open, and I am super excited to cheer on Federer as he wins another Grand Slam and rightfully takes back his #1 standing from Nadal! Go Roger!! :)

OK, that’s it from me. Time to head to my church’s Christmas program :) I’ll try to do a better job of updating over the break.


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