T-2 days til Turkey Day!

Hope some of you appreciated my alliteration efforts for that title. Even as a vegetarian, I still refer to Thanksgiving as Turkey Day. This year will be my second turkey-free Thanksgiving, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be missing out on anything! In fact, 2008 saw the conversion of my mother to a meatless diet, so I won’t be so heavily outnumbered at the dining room table. This also means we’ve downsized from a whole turkey to just a breast for the few meat eaters left. Who knows, maybe in a few years’ time my whole family will have seen the light!? Yeah…. probably not. My dad has been losing weight this year without my mom cooking him meat every night, so I don’t think he’d ever go vegetarian on his own (he is not someone who NEEDS to lose weight!).

As the family’s RD2B and food nazi, I planned the menu and will do a lot of the cooking I’m sure. The main switch that I have forced since going vegetarian was to stop using chicken broth and switch to vegetable broth. I doubt anyone can tell the difference, but it amazes me how immediately my taste buds are alerted if I taste chicken broth now. It’s pretty scary. Like the other day in the hospital cafeteria, I had green beans for lunch, and as soon as they went into my mouth I knew they’d been cooked with bacon/ham….. bad idea.

So, here’s the menu for Thanksgiving this year:

  • Turkey Breast (for the others)
  • Vegetarian Entree: brown/wild rice pilaf with dried cranberries, walnuts, portabello mushrooms and the holy trinity of carrots/onions/celery. A new recipe for this year.
  • Stuffing – my personal favorite for Thanksgiving. If I was stranded on a desert island in November, this would be my #1 food choice. I have been known to eat cold slabs of leftover stuffing as a snack (or meal), and even to make “stuffing sandwiches”. And yes, I realize that is essential bread inside bread, but it’s darn good :)
  • Campbell’s classic Green Bean Casserole. I won’t comment on this, it’s not my idea.
  • My Mom’s Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Mashed Potatoes – this will be the first year I’m not making my usual potato dish with cheddar, sour cream and scallions. We’re just going with plain ole taters this year.
  • Corn Bread Pudding – a recipe my grandma wants to try out this year
  • Jell-O Salad: also not my idea, but my mom is excited about it. She saw it on Paula Deen’s show a few months ago. That could quite possibly be why I’m not excited about it.
  • Bread rolls – of course!
  • Dessert: My sister is making a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting, and I’m bringing a chocolate chess pie from Nashville

So as you can see, we’re not ones for tradition. Other than stuffing and sweet potatoes (and I suppose turkey), we change up the menu every year and try new recipes.

This is the first significant break that we’ve had thus far in the dietetic internship, and I know that all 16 of us are really read for some time off! We had our seminar presentations for the past 2 days and are also glad to have that over and done with! No more researching and talking about acute pancreatitis anymore :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy spending time with friends and family!


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