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I’m homesick for TimTams!

I’m watching Oprah as we speak; she’s having a special episode devoted to the new “Australia” movie with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. It looks like it will be a huge hit, and probably an eventual classic. The scenery is gorgeous and makes me homesick to go back there. 

The funny part of the show is that Hugh Jackman flew over from Sydney just for the show, and brought TimTams with him for Nicole, Oprah, and all the audience members. He said “You think it’s hard getting through customs with nail clippers, try it with 300 packets of Tim Tams!”. And now he’s got Oprah saying bikkies. haha. Tim Tams are seriously the best thing ever, and give Oreos a run for their money. I remember when we lived down under I even had a pair of PJs with the cookies on them (my tim tam jim jams!)… yes, I’ve been a foodie for many many years. 

Nicole also brought GooGoos from Nashville, which I have experienced, but they’re not quite as good as Tim Tams. I keep waiting to bump into Nicole at the Green Hills Whole Foods… maybe one day. Perhaps I can share my chik’n fried tofu with her :)

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  1. chicken fried tofu, seriously this exists??

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