Finding humor in the little things

Wouldn’t you love it if your doctor wrote this in your chart: “patient continues to cough up blood clots but otherwise has no complaints”? 

Dr: Oh yes, you seem in great shape. Sorry about those clots though… nasty little things. 


I’ve been doing well. Cannot believe that it’s already November though!!! But very excited for the holidays to be coming up, and very very very excited that Obama won the election- it’s about time us Democrats show ’em how to run a country!!

The dietitian I’ve been with lately hasn’t had many patients, so I’ve had a few free afternoons, which has been absolutely lovely, because we never get afternoons off. And the weather is gorgeous outside, so I’ve been getting lots of walking in. Also joined Curves for 30 days (free pass from FNCE) so hopefully that’ll get me going with some strength training (and perhaps my pants will fit again…).

The unfortunate part of fall is this: (or perhaps there are 2 unfortunate parts)

  1. I want to buy lots of fall clothes/shoes. I’m already heading to Macy’s today after curves to try on some fall shoes/boots and then go online and find the best place to buy them (Eddie Bauer is looking good right now with a 20% off coupon I have, plus another 4% cashback from I also have some bizarre obsession with vests, and have to pull myself away from them in stores. It’s not like I could even wear them at work, and I already have 3 in my closet. Although… I really do need a vest for walking once my training gets going and it’s cold out there… one with zipper pockets to secure my keys/phone. So that’s actually warranted.   The problem with my shopping is that my funds are severely limited as RD2B intern. I was making a little cash on the side tutoring some korean children (more like, teaching the family English) weekly, but they just let me go because the kids chose to take swimming lessons at the YMCA instead. I don’t blame them, I just hope their swim coach can speak korean! :)
  2. I want to bake and cook lots of fall foods. Yesterday I came home and baked a batch of banana walnut muffins. Well… modified. Turns out I only had a 1 oz pack of walnuts (a free sample from FNCE), so I sprinkled them on top and used 1 cup of Fiber One cereal (also a free sample) to replace the crunch factor of the nuts. They turned out OK. The recipe had no oil in it, so they were virtually fat-free (except for the egg)… and you could tell. However, they didn’t seem to stop me from consuming 5 yesterday afternoon. Oh dear… good thing I joined curves!

Better go lace up my shoes for curves. later!


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