Trick or Treat!

Can you believe that tomorrow is halloween!? More importantly, can you believe that it is almost November!?? I certainly cannot. It seems like just yesterday was August and I was starting the internship, and now it’s already the time of the year when:

  1. I have to set the alarm extra early in the morning to account for the minutes I spend lying in bed saying to myself “it’s too cold to get out of bed… just a few more minutes and I’ll get up”
  2. I have to start thinking about Christmas gift purchasing and card sending. I already have my lists made, so at least I’m being proactive
  3. My basil has moved into my bedroom, to stay protected from the cold nights. Little does he know, but he’s about to have a major haircut and become some delicious pesto. Mmmm…. I’m thinking of creating a pesto risotto with it :)
  4. Team in Training season is about to start!! Tonight is the first information meeting I’m going to as a team captain, hopefully to encourage and motivate people to join. I’m so excited to be back with the program, and especially to work with a team as large as the one here in Nashville!

I was in Chicago for the past 4 days attending ADA’s Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE to those in the know). I had a blast. Definitely the biggest dork of the intern class – I was at the conference from start to finish most days, rather than out shopping/partying like some of my fellow interns. The expo was pretty amazing – I had to purchase a new duffle bag to drag home all the freebies I got, including many many food samples, brochures, nutrition educational materials, post-its, mousepads, pens, and books! Yes, I got free books: Ellie Krieger’s new cookbook, Bob Greene’s new book (signed by himself!), and Prevention’s new “Flat Belly Diet” book, which I haven’t looked into yet, as well as some vegan cookbooks. Good deal. And I also went to as many of the lectures as I could squeeze into my days, and basically sat there at each one thinking “I want to do this” or “I was to go into this area of research” or “This is what I plan on devoting my career to”. So, did FNCE help me decide a career path? No. I want to do everything. Which could be a problem. But at least I won’t be picky when it comes time to find a job!


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  1. I need to remind you of that last sentence…..

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