Homecoming: as an alum

It’s sunday morning, and I’m visiting my best friend and college roommate for the weekend. The 5 hour drive down from Nashville wasn’t that bad … Atlanta traffic is still is scary as always though. I swear I thought I was going to witness several deaths on 285; those people just don’t know anything about defensive driving. I should take them all to Paris and see how it works there… maybe that would teach them something.

College football yesterday: homecoming game against Vanderbilt. Of course, I couldn’t start cheering for Vandy this soon, that would seem traitorous, although I did have a few text messages from people wanting to make sure I was still loyal to the alma mater. Homecoming is always my favorite game of the year, because the old cheerleader alumni (>60 years old) are so much more fun than the young cheerleaders, and there’s just this feeling of community in the stadium. I did happen to bump into a few of my former classmates and catch up. And yes, it did feel weird to be back on campus, and walking into that stadium…. as an alum. The last time I was in stanford stadium, I was in a cap and gown, with mixed emotions and sweat running down my back. 

So today’s goal is to scout out some good Athens brunch before I hit the road again. There are so many good brunch places in this town … it makes me happy and hungry just to think about it. And then back to 4 hours on the road. Good thing is that this drive won’t be in the dark. Bad thing is that I’m not looking forward to the 8 miles of 6% grade uphill on I-24 past Chattanooga… poor Matrix doesn’t handle that sort of thing very well. It’s always said when you notice 18-wheelers passing you uphill :(


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