I’m thankful not to have diabetes….

…because today would have been a disaster.

Yes, perhaps only an RD2B would think about such things as their daily carbohydrate consumption, but today’s intake was pretty hilarious. Let’s start from the beginning (I’ll underline the carb sources to help you out:

Breakfast: 8 pancakes, chocolate milk, soy sausage patty, margarine, sugar-free syrup (maybe that will balance it all?)

Lunch: clementine, big slab of cake and chocolate milk

Dinner: half caesar salad, chips and spinach dip

Dessert: frozen yogurt with reeses pieces and brownie chunks

We aren’t even going to think more about this. However, I did go for a walk this morning, got my exercise in. And I didn’t actually intend on eating all 8 pancakes, but they seemed to be calling my name.

And really, none of this shouldn’t matter, because I don’t have diabetes! I swear, working in a teaching hospital has turned me into more of a hypochondriac than I ever was…


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