Saturday in Nashville

Hey there! It’s 7pm and I’m exhausted from a long but fun day. I started at 8am, walking over to the hospital to visit my case study patient for a follow-up. On my way to the medical center, I could see the eager tailgaters setting up for today’s Vandy vs. Auburn game. ESPN was filming GameDay here this morning, so lots of people making their way to the scene. I’m not going to lie, the Auburn fans are a little annoying, with their tails attached to their cars, strollers, hats, and anything else they can strap it to.

The medical center was so eerie on a weekend, with a skeleton staff. I was actually mistaken for a doctor; I had a nurse ask if I was taking care of “Mrs Potter” while I typed away on the computer. Instead of saying “No, I’m just a dietetic intern” I said “No, sorry she’s not my patient”. haha :)

Went shopping with a friend this morning to Good Will – we have learned that everything in the store is 50% off on the first Saturday of every month. This is our second time to try it out, and we came out with some bargains. Of course, we should’ve gotten there earlier, because I think we spent half an hour in line, but to leave with 2 sweaters and a book for $7, it’s not bad at all! I don’t actually think GoodWill has very good prices normally, so the 50% off is the only time I’ll go. But it’s great for poor interns who get a monthly stipend of $83.11.

I also tailgated for the first time at a Vandy game – hung out at a friend’s apartment for a while, and then walked to campus and meandered through the tailgates. I’ll admit, it feels weird to be in a crazy college football atmosphere when it’s not your own college. I never went to any of Georgia’s away games when I was a student, so all I know is the Athens gameday scene. Of course, Vandy’s campus is much smaller, so everything seems much more compact and crowded. But there are still lots of drunk people, and loud people screaming and sweating. I didn’t notice as many girls in dresses and pearls, so maybe Vandy girls have more sense than Georgia girls, or perhaps they were just all at their sorority houses. Anyhow, I would just like to thank Purity Dairies (Nashville’s very own dairy) for handing out free chocolate milk. I was walking through a giant crowd of people, hot and tired and very thirsty, when I heard a distant voice say “Anyone for free chocolate milk?”. I thought I must have been dreaming. Surely there’s not free chocolate milk, my favorite beverage, being handed out at a college football game? But sure enough, I turned around to see a man wearing a brown “chocolate milk” shirt on, with a cooler full of 4 oz cartons, handing them out to confused (or just drunk) fans. Thanks! That made my day :)

Another thing that made my day – I finally got a new water bottle! For those of you who have heard my story, my favorite aluminum water bottle from Pottery Barn has been pronounced dead and ruined, as I cannot remove the mold that has colonized the inside of the bottle. So, I went out and got a brand new 27 oz Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottle, which will last me many happy years of water-drinking. No more having to worry about the BPA in my old college Nalgene bottles, or waste plastic and money with disposable Dasani bottles (which I rarely use anyway).

Always so much going on in Nashville on the weekends. I love it!


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