Lessons from the MICU

Proud to say that I just finished my first clinical rotation! It was an overwhelming week, a very difficult rotation to start with, but I learned a lot and feel like the other rotations can’t be any more complicated than this one! First of all, I learned what the heck the MICU was… simple-minded me only though there was one kind of ICU – the ICU. Little did I know that here we have the Medical ICU, the Surgical ICU, the Neuro ICU, the CardioVascular ICU, as well as the Pediatric and Neonatal ICUs in the children’s hospital. I think trauma and burn units may also qualify as ICUs too. Phew!

Main points from the week:

  • Going on rounds was great fun – I learned so much about the patients from hearing their cases discussed by the team, and also learned how the medical hierarchy in a teaching hospital really works (the residents work their butts off, and the fellows and attendings make sure things are going in the right direction, while maintaining their superiority)
  • A lot of people try to kill themselves. We’ve had so many suicide attempts on the floor this week – combinations of drugs I’d never have thought of (but then again I don’t sit around contemplating suicide), even drinking cleaning products and burning one’s esophagus. Nice.
  • The amount of ‘paperwork’ (everything is online now) that us healthcare professionals have to do is ridiculous. I feel like we hardly see and interact with patients; all our time is spent writing these lengthy notes in the patients’ charts, which don’t even seem to be read by the medical team, so what is the point?!
  • I didn’t faint. I didn’t even get dizzy or queasy. Yay for me. But honestly, there was nothing on the floor that really got to me. Just a lot of sick people on ventilators.

So, now I have my weekend to recover. Went to the Frist tonight and had fun at the Rodin exhibit. Also ate yummy pizza at Mafioza’s, which I can now cross off my Nashville “to-eat at” list. Still have yet to make it to GiGi’s cupcakes…. perhaps tomorrow!


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