The joy of medical abbreviations

We had our test today over medical abbreviations. Basically our director handed us a booklet with more than 1,000 medical abbreviations and told us to learn the ones we “thought we’d be likely to come across”. Seeing as how we haven’t even started to work on the floors or with patients yet, how are we supposed to know what we’re likely to see? So anyway, we all made flashcards for hundreds and hundreds of these terms, and have spent the last few weeks speaking in abbreviations and going crazy. The test was this morning, bright and early at 7:15am. I felt pretty good going through and answering all the ones I knew. Then I had 10-15 terms that I swear I haven’t seen before, and after staring at them for another blank 15 minutes, I decided to make up some answers that sounded fairly intelligent and medical sounding. MVR? How about mitral valve replacement? I was shocked that that was actually correct! ROS? I have no idea what that one was, but I’m pretty sure “right on schedule” was not it… haha. I&D? Yeah, definitely not “insulin & diabetes”. Oh well… we had a fun time laughing about the answers we made up.

We have one more day of ‘training’ before our rotations officially start. I’m getting excited about starting everything and seeing just how much I have ahead of me to learn and become comfortable with. My first rotation is in the MICU, which should be about the biggest challenge I could start with. I have to say, one of my biggest goals is just to stay conscious during the entire week, and not pass out cold on the floor. That would not make the greatest impression….

I had something else funny from today I wanted to mention, but my elderly brain can’t remember anything unless I write it on paper. So nevermind. Maybe I’ll have more interesting things to write later on.. Oh, and I’m hoping for the best with Hurricane Ike, my family is in Houston, and my sister in school in Austin, so hopefully everyone will stay safe and out of harm’s way.


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