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Federer is looking betterer

New Update: Yes!! He won! Congrats Roger, we knew you could do it! Part of me wishes it was a closer game, but that would have had me way too nervous and yelling at the TV set, so this was perfect. I think I scared my roommate enough by my tennis-watching behaviors, haha.

Update: Roger just won the second set, so I can breathe easier knowing he already has 2 sets under his belt. He had me a little nervous in this set because his unforced errors skyrocketed. And Andy’s knee seems to be bothering him, which I shouldn’t be happy about, but it does give Roger a little bit of an edge..

I’m watching the men’s finals of the US open right now.. and my man is looking good! I’m so glad he’s playing like his old self, at least thus far. And kudos to Andy Murray for getting to the final, I’m glad it’s him and Nadal! Sorry Rafa.

And I envy all the celebrities who get to go to the US Open matches.Especially the final, do they realize how lucky they are!? Probably not. Whenever the camera shows them, they’re never paying attention to the tennis. How I would love to be there… One day, one day when I’m a rich RD I’ll get there. Yeah right. My fellow interns are working on finding me a medical student, so it’s more likely that I marry some rich doctor who can take me to the US Open :)

I’ll update this later when we see who wins.


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