Blogging in the rain

The end of the week is here, and I’m sitting on my screened in balcony, in sweatpants and a t-shirt typing this while it’s raining. It’s so nice to be able to sit out here in this nice cool weather… a rainy friday night, perfect for staying in, catching up on work and watching movies!

I have enjoyed the 4-day week and think I could get used to this! But I have learned a lot this week. We’ve had lots of classes from our soon-to-be preceptors on all sorts of topics, including chronic kidney disease, nutrition for trauma and ICU patients, diabetes in kids, nutrition for premies and infants, among other topics. I’ve toured the NICU and was amazed by the tee-tiny babies and all the work that goes into meeting their nutritional needs. I also toured the trauma floor, and am proud to say I did not pass out… didn’t even get light-headed at all. I can calculate tube feedings for adults or infants and can calculate recipes for infant formulas. Actually, the calculations have been really fun; I’m such a math nerd that anytime there are calculations involved I love it! We also taste-tested a lot of the oral nutritional supplements. A lot of those things do not taste good, and I can understand why patients don’t drink them. I will say, however, that Boost Plus in chocolate is a wonderful product, and if it wasn’t for all those 360 calories in that little bottle, I could drink it all day long!

Again, all this has just really opened my eyes to all the places you can find RDs that you may not have thought of. A trauma dietitian? Who knew!? I’ll admit that I’m a little nervous about that particular rotation, especially since they have to keep that floor warmer than the others, that may only assist in my passing-out-tendencies. Oh well… I am excited about participating in rounds on all these floors. I finally figured out how the medical hierarchy works, from med student –> intern –> resident –> chief resident –> fellow, etc. It’s pretty cool, makes me think of House and how much I can’t wait for the season to start up again!


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