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What have we learned this week class?

Just finished day 3 of our “Clinical Readiness” rotation, basically familiarizing ourselves with all our clinical rotations, and reviewing clinical nutrition and counseling skills.

We spent the morning today with the diet techs and observing their routines. They do so much to help out the dietitians! Thank you DTRs!! And I’m proud to say that I’m feeling good now about knowing where I am in the medical center and getting to different buildings. I haven’t mastered the tunnel system that connects everything underground, but I have another 9 months to figure them out!

I have also sanitized my hands today more than I probably have in my entire life! After learning that hospitals are going to soon be held financially responsible for hospital-acquired infections, I realized that I need to put my personal issues with hand sanitizer aside and just do whatever I can to not spread germs. I may not agree with people using these products in their everyday life because they’re terrified of germs, but when you’re in a hospital setting with some really sick and susceptible people, it’s pretty selfish to not help out.

Another thing that really surprised me so much was the amount of paper that is used in the nutrition department. Every day, hundreds of papers are printed for menus, patient meal tray tickets, etc in the diet office. Even though medical records are now online, the RDs and DTRs still print out patient records and assessments before making their daily rounds. It made me a little sick to see imagine how much paper must go to waste, but I just kept it to myself.

There are lots of other blog-worthy comments that I’ve had in my head for the past few days, but of course it all escapes me now. In non-internship news, things are going well. I’m having a hard time adjusting to these early mornings and long days. Getting up at 4:44 this morning is not fun! And by the time I get home late in the afternoon, I have to prioritize the to-do list and debate whether to workout, cook dinner, run errands, or just get straight to studying. Forget reading books for fun! I did go to the public library the other day, however, and signed up for a card. So I do have a few books sitting next to my bed, I just hope I can eventually read them!

Today I took advantage of the cooler weather and went on a nice 4 mile walk. I’m happy to hear that a lot of my fellow interns are interested in the Country Music Half-Marathon (including a few walkers besides myself!). And dinner tonight was yummy – Ranch roasted potatoes and scrambled eggs :) Who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner?

Now I’m watching Project Runway and US Open tennis. Go Federer! I’m still worried about him, but praying that he can go all the way.


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