Weekend food finds

I have had a good food weekend thus far. Last night, a group of interns went to a Nashville Sounds game, and I splurged on a funnel cake. Mmmm. I haven’t had a funnel cake since a carnival my freshman year of college, but boy was it good. Unfortunately, they didn’t have napkins, so I did my best to not get covered in powdered sugar.

Next up was trying one of the famous popsicles from Las Paletas. People have been talking about them all week, and then the Nashville Rage mentioned it as a great way to cool off in the Nashville August heat. And for only $2.50, I knew I had to try one! Plus, they beat Bobby Flay at a throwdown! So after exploring the vintage stores on 12th Avenue South today, we stopped by. The assortment of unique flavors were pretty awesome, but I settled on the “double chocolate chip cookie” popsicle. It was soooo good. I think there was actually a choc. chip cookie in the middle, with chocolate ice cream around it! Yummy yummy yummy!

And then for dinner tonight I experimented with my latest batch of organic veggies (from Delvin Farms) that I bought at the farmers market. It was a pilot program, held outside the Childrens Hospital, originally created by a former dietetic intern (yay us!). So anyway, I’ve had these tomatoes and yellow squash sitting in my fridge, waiting to be consumed. And tonight I wanted to make a pizza, so we put it all together. Who knew that layering thin slices of tomatoes, squash, olive oil and mozzarella would be such a good pizza? But it works! I love creating new pizza combinations. Like my pesto and smashed white bean pizza from last year, that was a good one too…


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