“Don’t worry, you’re all going to make it”

Those were the words of a former intern we met yesterday. We had a fun meet and greet with several former interns as well as lots of dietitians and nutritional services employees at the medical center. It was a good opportunity to see everyone, since we’ll be working with all of them at some point. Afterwards the recently-graduated interns held a Q&A panel for us and shared their advice. They seemed to have been just as anxious and worrisome as we were at the start, but assured us that we’ll all finish strong. Just manage your time, stay ahead of the game, and give yourself some time/hobbies outside of the internship. I think we’ll all be just fine.

We had our first lunch in the hospital’s cafeteria; it’s being renovated right now so we have to use a much smaller temporary cafe. Unfortunately, vegetarian options are limited, as are our funds (although a 40% discount helps), so I brought my own sandwich and just bought a carton of chocolate milk for 66 cents. :)

Last night was my first taste of Nashville’s music life. A friend of K’s offered us tickets to a TV taping for GAC’s new show “Into the Circle”. It was basically a free concert featuring Kelly Pickler and Rodney Atkins that will be shown on TV September 20th. I never realized how much of a pain TV recording must be for artists – Kelly was stopped several times to have her hair stylist run on stage and fix her hair, add lip gloss and powder to her face etc. She also had to repeat a song because she admitted that she hadn’t shaved, and unfortunately ended the song with her arm straight up in the air. Haha. She seems to be a very nice and honest girl, but also just as ditzy as she was portrayed on American Idol. Rodney had a good performance. Of course I’d never heard of any of his songs, being the non-country fan that I am, but I still had a good time. We’re looking forward to September 20th and having a viewing party to see if our faces show up on TV!


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