Oh no Federer!

I was shopping today with the roommate, when my evil sister called and shouted into the phone: “DID YOU HEAR? FEDERER LOST!!! HAHA, HE LOST TO BLAKE! AND IT’S SO EXCITING, AND BLAKE WAS BRAGGING ABOUT BEATING THE #1 PLAYER! HAHA! FEDERER LOST!”.

Needless to say, I am not happy with my sister.

But I’m so sad for Roger. Poor guy, he really needed a medal here to boost his self-confidence. But I’ve been watching him play, and he’s just not the old Roger; that powerful forehand isn’t there anymore. It makes me so sad to see it, almost like watching a hurt animal try to walk. Breaks my little heart. And of course, he won’t ever admit anything is wrong with him, his ego has never suffered, but he did say today how disappointed he was. And really, I’m excited for Blake making it this far, but wish he could’ve taken out someone else, not Federer. Perhaps Nadal? Best of luck to Djokovic in the semis against Rafa, I’ll be cheering Serbia on!

Federer still has his doubles matches to focus on, so there’s still hope for a medal. And the US Open is just around the corner, although I’m starting to feel nervous about it already. People don’t seem to realize how seriously I take my tennis. I changed my facebook status to “devastated” after I heard the news, and immediately people started asking me what was wrong, expecting to hear about a death in the family or something similar. No no, I assured them. But I did explain that my passion for professional tennis is analogous to the south’s obsession for college football. Very similar in fact.

So, good luck Djokovic in your semi-final, good luck Federer and Wawrinka in your doubles, and good luck Ryan Lochte in the 200 IM tonight against Michael Phelps! You can beat him!!


3 Responses

  1. Well said. I was so disappointed also about today’s loss. There was one great game where Roger broke back in the second set. But, after that, almost every first serve was a fault. It was sad to watch. I am just not sure what the problem is with his game. He has been such an inspiration to me; I hate to witness his performance lately. I think that he will get better. Maybe some of the problem is just mental. Today, he really gave the match to Blake, as I believe that Federer probably hit more unforced errors than Blake hit winners. It’s just too bad.

    And about the Spaniard — well, let’s just say that I won’t be hoping to see him on Sunday. I’m not sure what to think about him. All of those time delays bug me — and calling for a trainer, yet nothing seems to be wrong. It is admirable how Federer plays. I have seem him face extremely critical points on his serve, yet he does not delay and keep bouncing the ball. He always plays fairly. No matter what his ranking is, I think that he is far above any other player out there in so many ways.

  2. Thanks Christopher, so nice to hear from another Federer fan who is hoping for a great comeback!

  3. i watched the match too!and the errors let him down i also posted a blog on federer’s loss immediately after the match.

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